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Have you lost a tooth?

Today it is possible to make you a new one. Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth because you can get back the support the tooth root provided without affecting any other teeth. Did you know that once a tooth is removed the other teeth beside and below can start to move? Also the bone that held in the tooth starts to go away? Studies show up to 30% bone volume loss in one year and up to 60% in 3 years.

A dental implant replaces the root, and holds the precious jaw bone in place.

Typically, the sooner the implant is placed the better. The jaw bone grows around the titanium used for the post and osseointegrates (the jaw bone attaches to the titanium) to give you a strong, stable foundation. The crown placed on the implant looks very natural, just like a real tooth. It can give you back the confidence to smile and eat whatever you like. Here at Embrace Dental Care, we can provide all aspects of dental implants.

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Most people express the concern about pain after having a dental implant placed, which is a legitimate concern, however our patients tell us that there is less discomfort with the implant placement than the tooth removal. Once the implant has healed to the bone, in approximately 3 months, the tooth is ready to have a beautiful replacement tooth placed. The tooth is securely attached to the implant and you can once again enjoy your favorite foods and smile without hesitation.

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