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Digital X-rays are great.

We have been using digital X-rays since 2009. The system allows for us to instantly see the image, just like a digital camera. Digital x-rays also allow us to provide more efficient procedure times because we don’t have to wait for the film to be processed.

Digital X-rays increase safety.

Another benefit is the reduced amount of radiation needed to expose the digital sensor. The sensor is like a sensor in a digital camera and is more sensitive than film, which means even less radiation exposure.  It is now approximately 0.012 mSv for adult annual x-rays, comparing to a 0.008 mSv exposure for daily background radiation and 0.03mSv for a trans Atlantic flight. 

Digital X-rays can improve diagnostics.

Having digital x-rays also enhances our ability to compare images from year to year. They are safely stored digitally and backed up 3 different ways.

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