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When are fillings necessary?

Fillings are placed in teeth to replace missing tooth structure due to tooth decay, small chips or fractures of the teeth. Composite fillings (tooth-colored fillings) may be placed in the front or back of the mouth and they blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. If there is significant tooth loss from decay or fracture, a crown may be recommended to give more strength to the tooth.

When are composite (tooth colored) fillings used?

There are several different types of filling materials used depending on the forces the tooth will receive or location of the tooth. Teeth that need a small to moderate restoration can be filled using a light cured composite material. Composite fillings are white fillings that match the colour of your teeth. If a tooth needs a stronger material, porcelain or gold may be the recommended choice for you.

Dr. Manmeet will examine your tooth that requires a filling and recommend the appropriate restoration and material for you.

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