Crown Lengthening

Do your gums appear long or uneven?

There are times when the gums extend to the top teeth which result in a gummy smile. This makes the teeth appear shorter and the gums more prominent when you smile.

A gummy smile may not always be a serious dental issue, but it can affect your appearance and confidence. Your dentist in Calgary may recommend a crown lengthening procedure to fix it.

During a crown lengthening procedure, we adjust the gum and bone level to reveal more of the tooth. The procedure can be done for a single tooth or several teeth.

What is Laser Crown Lengthening?

In a laser crown lengthening procedure, we use a dental laser instead of the traditional scalpel as the primary instrument.

The laser emits light at different wavelengths. The body then absorbs the light, which then produces heat and vaporizes the tissue. The light is directed to the treatment area continuously or intermittently. This allows us to control the heat on the target area and surrounding tissue.

Dental lasers are precise and can correct either a single tooth or several teeth affected by a gummy smile. The gum line is reshaped for symmetrical results.

Dental lasers can also be used if the excess gum is already affecting your oral health. Plaque and debris may build up between the tooth and gum tissue and cause inflammation or decay. A laser crown lengthening procedure removes the excess issues to make mouth cleaning easier.

Benefits of Laser Crown Lengthening

  • Reduces discomfort. The use of a laser reduces bleeding as it incises and cauterizes at the same time. Since there’s less blood, your dentist is also able to see the treatment area better.
  • Shortens treatment time. Lasers work accurately, which makes dental procedures easier and faster to carry out. Laser crown lengthening is less time-consuming than its traditional counterpart.
  • Expedites healing. With reduced bleeding and post-operative discomfort, your recovery time shortens too.
  • Minimizes noise. Drills and grinders produce noise that can be uncomfortable for patients. Using lasers eliminates these unsettling sounds, which makes the treatment a more relaxing experience for patients.

Am I Qualified for a Procedure?

A comprehensive examination is necessary to determine whether you’re qualified for laser crown lengthening. Not everyone who would like to reshape their gum line may be considered. The tooth anatomy can affect the feasibility of the procedure.

During your initial consultation with our team, we can help you determine whether this option is for you.

Crown lengthening is only one of the many uses of lasers for dentistry. To understand more about the procedure and its advantages, we invite you to visit our dental office in Calgary. Call us today at to schedule your appointment.