Digital Smile Design

Dental technology makes improving smiles easier, faster, and a lot more comfortable.

Designing the smile that you’ve long been wanting to achieve is now customer-centric with Digital Smile Design. It’s your smile so it’s only fitting to become involved in the process.

Here at Embrace Dental Care in SE Calgary, we personalize treatments based on your specific needs and desires.

We’re happy to let you know that we’re using the latest technology in Digital Smile Design (DSD) to plan and see how your new smile will look like even before you start the treatment.

What’s Digital Smile Design?

using Digital Smile Design

Our General Dentist, Dr. Khodabakhsh, and the rest of our team take extra care in developing a treatment plan for you. Communicating your goals and unique preferences helps us personalize your healthy and beautiful smile.

Digital Smile Design is a powerful treatment planning tool that helps us, your dental team, analyze your facial and dental structures. It also lets you, the patient, visualize and voice out your requirements and expectations.

With DSD, we can work together more efficiently in achieving the results you want.

How does Digital Smile Design work?

The DSD tool uses state-of-the-art imaging technology. We take 3D images and videos of your mouth using an intraoral scanner and transfer them simultaneously to the DSD software.

An intraoral scanner captures high-resolution images of your mouth with ease and convenience, thanks to its slim profile. It’s comparable to a pen with a camera on one side.

With these images, we can produce different models to simulate the results of your custom treatment plan.

You’ll see the improvements your smile will undergo at every stage of the treatment. You get to choose which procedure you feel fits your goals and you’ll know what to expect from it.

DSD provides you with a high-tech before and after glimpse of your smile and more!

The Benefits of Digital Smile Design

  • Achieve greater control of your dental treatment.
  • Understand your dental treatment options better.
  • See the outcome of your treatment in one visit.
  • Look into other possible treatment options.
  • Design your smile with your dental team.
  • Work closely with your dental team in producing your new smile.
  • Ensure precise measurements and avoid the need for corrections and adjustments.
  • Receive fully customized results.
  • Reduce dental visits.
  • Try out your new smile without commitments.
  • Increase patient comfort.
  • Produce a natural-looking smile that complements your overall appearance.

Learn more about Digital Smile Design in SE Calgary

It helps to preview your new smile before deciding to go for it, especially if you’re considering extensive dental procedures. Digital Smile Design allows us to do this and more.

We’re pleased to offer this service to you here at Embrace Dental Care at SE Calgary.

To know more about DSD, please contact our team at . We’re excited to explain to you in greater detail how this amazing tool works.