Teeth Whitening

We will put the pizzazz back in your smile with professional teeth whitening!

Stains and yellowing can diminish your smile’s brilliance and affect your self-esteem. With dentist-administered teeth whitening treatment, your smile could shine up to ten shades brighter. Safe and effective, our teeth whitening system penetrates most stains and discolorations caused by foods, beverages, tobacco, age, and even tetracycline medications.

Take-home Whitening

women holding hand held mirror while smiling with nice teeth

To brighten your smile, we offer take-home teeth whitening kits with a professional-strength bleaching gel. Patients simply wear the trays for a specified time. Results are noticeable after just one or two days, and in about two weeks, you’ll smile with renewed confidence. The best part about home whitening is that you can touch up your smile whenever you like!

Free take-home whitening with new patient exam and cleaning**
**as long as no other work is needed.

In-office Whitening

dentist holding up tooth shade guide to clients teeth

For those with limited time or inclination to bleach, you can consider in-office whitening. The solution is stronger than the take-home product because the 90-minute procedure is done by a dental professional who can safely administer it and protect your gums. For the best results, studies have found that using trays for a couple of days afterward makes a big difference in the overall result. We can advise if it’s a suitable option if you’re interested in this treatment.

We look forward to whitening your smile!

If you want a whiter smile, call our Calgary dental office today and schedule a consultation appointment with our team. We look forward to treating you and your entire family!