Tooth-Coloured Fillings

Tooth-Coloured Fillings

Would you prefer metal fillings or tooth-coloured fillings that look natural and blend with your existing teeth?

If the area to be filled is small to moderate, tooth-coloured restorations or composite resins are the preferred choice because they look great and are long-lasting. Nobody will be able to see a difference between your natural teeth and your fillings.

Also, most of the tooth structure is preserved when you opt for tooth-coloured fillings. These fillings can withstand constant chewing pressure and can be placed on front and back teeth.

When are fillings necessary?

Fillings are used to replace a missing or decayed portion of the tooth due to chips, cracks, or cavities. If thereโ€™s significant tooth loss in the area, your dentist may recommend a crown to help strengthen the tooth.

Composite resin, the material used for tooth-coloured fillings, replicates natural tooth qualities which makes it an ideal choice. Porcelain and gold are other types of fillings.

You and your dentist will determine the most suitable option for you depending on the location and function of the affected tooth.

The tooth filling process

The procedure is similar regardless which filling material is used.

The procedure only requires one appointment. The area will be numbed and the tooth will be prepared to remove the decay. The filling will then be applied and bonded to the tooth.

If a large filling is required, it may have to be done outside the mouth and attached to the tooth later on.

Maintain your fillings

You should practise good oral hygiene to uphold the integrity of your composite fillings. Gently brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and remember to floss at least once a day. It also helps to limit sugary and starchy food and beverages.

Itโ€™s best to avoid teeth staining substances to keep your fillings clean. Regular dental appointments should be maintained so your dentist can monitor your fillings for wear.

Learn more about composite fillings

Of course cavity prevention is the goal and can be realized with your diligence and your dental teamโ€™s help. However, if you ever need to have a tooth filled, itโ€™s beneficial to know the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of filling materials available to you.

If youโ€™re interested in composite resin fillings and reside in Calgary or surrounding areas, visit us at our dental office or call . Dr. Manmeet can evaluate your teeth and see if this is the appropriate dental restoration option for you.