Understand Your Oral Health Better with iTero Intraoral Scanner

dentist looking at a display screen for the scanner

What is an iTero Intraoral Scanner?

itero Intraoral scanners capture comprehensive, 3D images of the mouth within minutes.

This dental innovation increases the accuracy of impressions, giving patients better fitting restorations and devices. It eliminates the need for gooey and messy impressions, which also improves the patient’s experience at the dental chair.

The digital scans help your dentist diagnose orthodontic issues more easily and develop the best treatment plan possible. Your dentist can show you the projected results of your orthodontic treatment with the help of the Outcome Simulator tool. You’ll be able to see how your teeth will look once your treatment is complete.

Itero’s Intraoral digital scans can be directly sent to other dental professionals, making communications and workflows a lot faster and convenient. Your dentist and the lab technician can collaborate easily to ensure that your dental restoration will fit properly.

How iTero Intraoral Scanners Work

The latest versions of intraoral scanners can take full mouth scans in as little as 60 seconds. The scanner features a small wand that can capture thousands of images per second to create a 3D visualization of the mouth.

Back areas of the mouth that can be difficult to capture are easily scanned. The quality of the images also isn’t affected by how wide you can open your mouth. Unlike older scanning technologies, the iTero digital scanner is less likely to trigger gag reflex.

You’ll see the dental images that the scanners capture in real time. Your dentist can review them before forwarding them to the lab to ensure accuracy. This saves you a lot of time as the lab can immediately receive the digital scans. You can also receive your restorations the same-day and not have to visit the dental office multiple times.

Using the iTero System for Invisalign Treatments

The iTero software is compatible with the Invisalign system. If you’re getting your clear aligners done, your dentist can show you how your mouth will progress throughout your treatment with the help of the iTero scanner. Your aligners will be fabricated faster, which means you can also start your treatment earlier.

The digital scanner lets your dentist create Invisalign treatment plans efficiently with the help of accurate scans. You can avoid issues with the fit of your aligners. Your dentist can also monitor the progress you’re making with regular scans and see if everything is on track with the expected results.

Should there be any issues, your dentist can discuss them with you using the digital scans. You see what your dentist is seeing, helping you to better understand the condition of your oral health. You can make better informed decisions and work with your dentist more confidently.

Understand Your Oral Health Better with iTero Digital Scans

At Embrace Dental, we take every opportunity to educate patients about their oral health. We do our best to stay updated with the latest in dental technology. We’re proud to be using iTero Intraoral Digital Scanners to give you a better dental experience. If you’re concerned about your dental health or would like further information about orthodontic treatments, call us today at . Our friendly reception staff will help you book an appointment with our SE Calgary dentist.